Need a M-Class Vacuum? You’ve landed at the perfect place!

  • STARMIX The best-selling industrial vacuum in Europe – now available in the UK!

Why Starmix?

  • Simply Superior Quality and performance! Check out the videos!
  • Starmix is the flagship house brand of Electrostar GmbH who have for more than 60 years been manufacturing top quality vacuums for OEM’s like Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Hilti and many other leading brands.
  • Prior to Jan 2015, the Starmix brand was not manufactured in 110v for the UK construction market place and is therefore a new name in the market place here

Why the Starmix ISP iPulse?

  • Permanent pulse filter cleaning, meaning no loss of suction
  • Large surface area filter cassettes for extremely high level of dust absorption
  • Power take off socket with automatic ON/OFF switch
  • Long-lasting, optimized drum container
  • Wet & Dry, with water level detection
  • Powerful, durable high performance motor fan
  • Patented rotary slider in the inlet of the container to switch between fleece bags and liners.
  • Made in Germany. MADE FOR YOU

The Dust Extractors that keep going when others have run out of breath.

Dust may seem insignificant, but the problems it can cause are well documented. In high-activity workplaces, dust can accumulate in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, our line-up of Starmix® high-powered dust extractors can help nip the problem in the bud before things get out of hand.

Whatever task awaits you on the job site, removing asbestos, draining flooded rooms, grinding concrete, sanding plaster and paint, or just a good clean up, it doesn’t matter – tackle it with Starmix®!

Any Starmix® dust extractor is head and shoulders above common vacuum cleaners. Each Starmix® vacuum is designed for heavy duty extraction, making it perfect for tasks like drying out flooded spaces, sanding plaster and paint, and even grinding concrete and removing asbestos, which is frowned upon in the UK and elsewhere. And they’re built to withstand constant punishment too, so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns any time soon.

With the Starmix® Dust Extractor you’re prepared for everything, even the toughest continual use in hazardous areas.

Better, dust-free work.

The problem: whether on a building site, in business premises or homes – drilling, milling, grinding and sawing often create very high dust emissions. The danger: without the relevant protective measures, the smallest of dust particles are breathed in. In the worst cases, these penetrate into the alveloi, where they cause severe damage. The ideal solution: timely avoidance of dust development through use of the highly efficient starmix high performance electric power tool vacuum cleaners. The advantage: they suck up dust particles directly into the electric tool with intelligent pulse

Take no risks!

It doesn’t matter where you work – dust occurs everywhere. Therefore, it is important to know the danger that could exist. They range from light to middle through to highly dangerously classified dusts. At high exposure, it often leads to illnesses – in extreme cases, even lung cancer.

Do not forget:

Finer is more Fearsome.

The general rule is: the finer the dust, the greater the health risk. Therefore, different particle sizes have different dangers:

  • 10 µm Reduces lung function
  • 2 µm Skin and eye ailments
  • 1 µm Tumors
  • 0,1 µm Heart and lung diseases

All Dust Classes at a Glance.

Dust class L (light)

These dusts have an occupational exposure limit value (AGW) of > 1mg/m³. The filter material of vacuum cleaners of dust class L is tested. The maximum particle penetration grade is less than 1 %. There are no special disposal requirements.

Dust class M (middle)

Here, dusts with an AGW of > 0.1 mg/m³ are present. These vacuum cleaners are tested as complete units. The maximum particle penetration grade is less than 0.1 %. Disposal must be carried out low on dust.

Dust class H (high)

This dust class covers dust with an AGW value of > 0.1 mg/m³, all carcinogenic dust and dust which is tainted with pathogens. These vacuum cleaners are also tested as complete devices. The maximum particle penetration grade is less than 0.005 %. Disposal must be carried out free of dust.

Dust class H – asbestos

This class corresponds to dust class H. The difference: an additional test for machines and devices that eliminates dust and is intended to collect and separate asbestos (in accordance with TRGS 519).

Starmix Videos “Can It Break?”