“I bought a Starmix ISP iPulse H Class 240V with standard wand set in July 2017 to reduce dust during a basement rebuild in my Victorian 1850s house.
After just 18 months I was well on the way to destroying my second house vacuum cleaner and recognised I needed a more robust way of minimising dust in the house to keep the family happy.
It had to have a filtered exhaust, as I found a lot of the dust I was making from taking down lathe and plaster ceilings and stud walls was very fine and just went straight through standard vacuums, and damaging their motors and their clogging filters.
The Starmix has solved ALL my dust problems and has great features.
I like the ability to trigger the vacuum to turn on when I power up a grinder or other electrical device plugged into the front of the Starmix.
The 5m long hose allows me to work up a ladder with the hose attached to a sander for example.
The bag capacity is huge too. I started with polythene waste bags but have moved onto the Certified Fleece Bags.
It has made a huge difference to my working environment and I see it as a long term investment to my health.
Only wish I had bought it 18 months ago when I started.
I also recommend getting the Push Handle as it makes it a lot easier to wheel the device around and store cable and hose when not in use.”

Nick Campbell, London. Retired engineer now doing DIY

“Before I purchased the Allsaw, I had been hiring it at regular intervals from the National Hire Companies. We use the Allsaw for landscaping primarily, but also for re-grouting, paving and re-pointing work as it keeps the dust down. We use the Plunge Blades on the Allsaw to square cut, remove damaged bricks and replace with new ones. The hurdle for me was the cost of the saw, but it’s definitely more than paid for itself.” – 16/10/2017

Andrew Merry - Merry-Matthew Land Services

“The Starmix has to be the best and most reliable vacuum i’ve ever had. Being a general builder I have a lot of messy work to clear up and with the Starmix it makes life so easy. Its definitely worth every penny. ”

Rob Davey Builders

“Absolutely fantastic tool.

Previously I had raked out the mortar by hand but this Allsaw AS170 takes out 95% of the mortar with the Plunge Blades & Head Joint Blades on stonework on old Church. We cannot do without it now because it speeds up the job and means I can charge my clients less for doing more.

I have found that by soaking the mortar joint with water, it makes the mortar turn cheesy and makes the AS170 even more effective and increases the life of the blades too.”

Chave & Jackson

“The Allsaw is a must have tool for anyone in construction, it makes toothing brickwork out very easy.

Turning old brick faces round is no problem. This tool has so many uses, not just cutting bricks out, you can cut old tree roots out too.

This tool is possibly the best tool I have ever used they are also very robust and reliable. I have had mine since 2007 and have only replaced the brushes once.

Would recommend this tool all day long!”

Wayne Thompson

“The Allsaws have been a ‘God Send’ on this job, over the 16 months I’ve been working here, we must have removed, turned or replaced 20,000 bricks, so they have certainly paid for themselves.”

Hewer Builders Ltd

“I purchased my AS170 in approx. 2008 and it cost nearly a thousand pounds. This outlay I got back within 6 months due to its value to me.

Apart from one set of new blades and a set of brushes, I have only ever had to have the blades sharpened.

In 30 years of building it is one of only a handful of machines which I can honestly say I bought as soon as I saw it.

Such a wonderful machine and I couldn’t be without it. I tell everyone I know to get one.”

Kathryn Construction

“I have had the Allsaw for some time now and it has been invaluable. The reason I bought it was because dust is a problem when working in customers’ homes. The Allsaw is far more controllable than a disc cutter and is perfect for those hard to reach cut outs. It is also safer as there are no kickbacks”

Smallbone Builders