This is truly a unique piece of equipment and is designed for a contractor or experienced DIY’er wanting to accurately cut brickwork. The Allsaw cuts deep, clean and square, it can cut doorways, window openings and meter boxes with great ease and minimal dust. Bricks can be cut so cleanly they can be re-used. The AllSaw speeds up repointing and chasing and is officially approved by English Heritage for restoration work. There is nothing else like it on the market.

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DV-80 – The Revolutionary Broom Vacuum

The Original

Plunge cut single bricks with no overcut

Cutting out doorways

Crack repairs

Electrical box installation

Head Joint Blades – Raking out joints and brick repairs

XL Wood cutting blade for the Arbortech Allsaw AS170

Arbortech Allsaw Caulking Blade

XL Wood Cutting Blade cutting tree root Arbortech Allsaw

XL Wood Blade cutting roof timbers

Plunge Blade

The Arbortech Allsaw cutting a railway sleeper

Speed of Cutting with the Arbortech Allsaw AS170

Arbortech Allsaw & Starmix Pulse M Class